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What isBetterFutureBuilders?

BetterFutureBuilders is an initiative designed to cater to entrepreneurial and STEM interests of high school students throughout New Jersey.  The program will educate and inspire students through a combination of educational video content and hands-on instructed skills development. 

The core of our program is a series of interviews with leaders in STEM and entrepreneurship which will help students understand career paths, challenges and opportunities, with a healthy dose of inspiration. Alongside live discussions with visionary leaders, students will participate in a series of workshops which will expose them to some of the skills required to take the leap and start a business including business planning, product development and teamwork.

Brought to you by BetterFutureLabs and TechUnited:NJ, our mission is to equip students with knowledge, skills, and motivation necessary to excel in the dynamic business world of tomorrow, along with the digital literacy to succeed.

A summary of the BetterFutureBuilders program follows:

  • 6 weeks - 1.5 hour sessions - live or to be viewed asynchronously
  • What you get:
    • Access and relationships to leaders in skincare, tech, STEM, entrepreneurship, and moreStartup challenge
    • LinkedIn badge
    • Program to add to your resume
    • Finally, all participants will receive a complimentary ticket to the Propelify Innovation Festival in Hoboken, New Jersey on June 27th. 

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How Does itWork?

The program is open to all New Jersey students in high school interested in attending and learning about STEM and Entrepreneurship over a six week period.

Students will have the opportunity to hear from leading business experts on how they built their ventures and participate in a Venture Building accelerator of their own, culminating in a potential pitch to investors at Propelify. Over the coming weeks, participants will learn skills related to venture creation, such as team building, market research, and storytelling. 

This cohort’s topic for venture building will be AI for Education. This challenge comes at a time when AI integration in education is transforming how we teach and learn. As part of the venture challenge, students will have the opportunity to develop innovative solutions that leverage AI to solve real-world educational problems.


Thursday, May 23rd

Unconventional Applications of STEM

Explore the fascinating world of STEM applications in unexpected industries, such as skincare, with founder and CEO Lisa Guerrera who is taking a passion for chemistry science, to revolutionizing traditional career paths. Learn essential team collaboration skills. This session will focus on cultivating leadership and cooperation among peers, crucial for any entrepreneurial endeavor.

Thursday, May 30th

Resilience in Action

Gain valuable insights from Pierre Laguerre, CEO & Founder of Fleeting, as they share their journey to success, highlighting the importance of resilience, determination, and overcoming challenges. Understand market dynamics and learn how to evaluate market size. This knowledge is critical for identifying viable business opportunities and understanding competitive landscapes.

Thursday, June 6th

The Business of Influencing

Many want to become an influencer, but what does the business of influencing actually involve? Delve into the world of social media influence with a prominent influencer. Learn about the strategies, challenges, and opportunities involved in leveraging influence for entrepreneurial success. Master the art of storytelling to captivate and engage your audience. Effective communication is key to persuading investors and marketing products.

Thursday, June 13th

Startup Sparks: Igniting Entrepreneurial Success + Go To Market

Join us for an insightful presentation by a partner from SOSV, a renowned venture capital firm. Learn strategies to ignite entrepreneurial success and navigate the startup landscape with confidence. Learn strategies for launching your product effectively. Dive into the mechanics of market entry, product launch strategies, and initial customer engagement.

Thursday, June 20th

Tech & Design Thinking

Insights from a representative from Liberty Science Center to discuss cutting edge topics like space tech, AI, and other futuristic initiatives that are coming and the future of work in those opportunities for high school students. Focus on creating products that meet user needs and create meaningful impact. This involves user experience design, feedback loops, and iterative product development.

Week of June 24

Propelify Innovation Festival:  In person meetup!!

Join us at Propelify for a behind the scenes look at how the festival is produced, opportunities to meet investors and entrepreneurs.


All participants of the inaugural BetterFutureBuilders program will have full access to course content including opportunities to network with instructors.  Student that successfully participate in all sessions will receive a certificate of completion which can be displayed on their LinkedIn profile and a letter of completion form TechUnited and BetterFutureLabs.  Finally, all participants will receive a complimentary ticket to the Propelify Innovation Festival in Hoboken, New Jersey on June 27th. 

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