October 26, 2023

Introducing BetterFutureLabs

Introducing BetterFutureLabs from TechUnited:NJ


I’ve been involved actively in the NJ tech community for 12 years. In that time one theme has remained consistent: NJ has SO many assets, why aren’t more companies starting here?

To that end, I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of BetterFutureLabs, TechUnited:NJ’s new startup studio that will act as cofounder to start new companies.

BFL Logo

BetterFutureLabs has a fantastic founding corporate partner in Verizon and amazing university partners in Princeton, NJCU, Stevens, NJIT, Rowan, and Rutgers with more on the way. We’ll soon be announcing our Head of Technology. Of course, we also are tightly connected to the TechUnited:NJ Community overall.

How this works: BetterFutureLabs will work with industry partners, identify areas of opportunity and build the companies to solve them. We will lean on our incredible Product Advisory Board for rapid feedback on our ideas and prototypes. We will work with our seasoned Board of Entrepreneurs to work through the ideas and from where we expect a CEO will emerge. We will provide seed capital to give the startups runway. In short, BetterFutureLabs acts as the institutional cofounder to start new businesses, all along working with partners to iterate faster and smarter as we seek product<>market fit.

Our focus is on building a better future, starting with the applied AI in B2B SaaS, given NJ’s strong concentration of corporations and talent.

I can’t wait to share more with you as BetterFutureLabs evolves. For now, send people our way who might be interested in getting involved:

To a better future,
CEO, TechUnited:NJ
Chairman, BetterFutureLabs