June 26, 2024

Hello World....

BetterFutureLabs is the world’s first startup studio focused on building agentic solutions for businesses.


Starting any business is hard, uncertain work.  There is no class you can take that allows you to fully understand the business founding process.  No amount of reading will allow you to fully appreciate the complexity and personal investment required to launch a new company and build commercial traction.  As with most things in life, the only way to really understand the process is to experience it.  To start.

That is what BetterFutureLabs is all about.  Our team co-founds and funds new, scalable ventures.  Working with our corporate and university partners  as well as  entrepreneurs throughout our community, we are focused on identifying the best ideas and bringing them to life.

BetterFutureLabs is a startup studio designed from the ground up with AI in mind.  From the technology and processes we use to validate new business ideas, to the businesses we build, we are a team of experienced Founders and Technologists focused on leveraging AI to solve big problems and create big businesses.

Agentic Systems and the Workforce of the Future

Just like the Internet changed the way we work, we believe Artificial Intelligence Systems will change the way we conduct business. Agentic Systems are designed to autonomously complete tasks on our behalf.   An AI Agent might be able to order your meals for you at a specific time or conduct specific types of research.

The only thing more interesting and cutting edge than building Agents, is building teams of Agents that are designed and capable of working together to complete much more complex tasks.  This is the future of AI system design and an area where BetterFutureLabs is making significant investments.

We recently announced MagicJ, a Multi-Agent System focused on orchestrating Agent interactions for all businesses BetterFutureLabs builds.  This platform will provide a massive boost to all businesses built within our studio and is used to run our internal new business idea validation.

Building to Scale

BetterFutureLabs is focused on building businesses that leverage Agentic AI to transform the workforce of the future.  Much of that work is happening within our community.  Our partnership with TechUnited:NJ provides our team unparalleled access to entrepreneurs, advisors and partners ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to startups.  These innovators inspire, inform and accelerate our work, each day.

Building is hard.  Experience makes it easier.  Teamwork, partnership, and speed drastically improve the chances of success.  That is our focus.  Enabling faster builds with great teams,  providing initial funding and surrounding our companies with community connectivity and customers to dramatically improve the chances of success.

When starting up, you are working against the clock.  The BetterFutureLabs model dramatically reduces time to the market across the business creation process.  If you have a great idea or interest in building with cutting edge AI, let’s chat.

Our Best,

Mark, Justin and the BetterFutureLabs Team