March 5, 2024

BetterFutureLabs Contributes To Autogen


Exciting updates from Microsoft Research's AutoGen initiative are showing the cutting edge of what's possible with AI.

We are thrilled to play a small part of this groundbreaking journey, contributing to how Autogen leverages OpenAI models to create Conversational AI Agents.

Autogen empowers developers to craft custom tools for Agents, enabling them to perform a wide range of tasks, from web searches to data logging, and much more. Our contribution enhances developer flexibility by introducing the ability to seamlessly overwrite an Agent's toolset. This capability not only streamlines a developer’s experience managing an Agent's capabilities but also ensures the Agent can adapt to new challenges and requirements efficiently.

A quote from our very own Justin Trugman is highlighted in the update.

We are excited to continue supporting the Autogen project as it blazes the trail for advancing AI.

Link to Microsoft's update: